Monday, October 24, 2011

{We're Obsessed!} Louis Ghost Chairs

Redecorating has given me an opportunity to incorporate many of my interior obsessions into our home (see here, here and here).  Along with the rest of the blogosphere, I just LOVE the Louis Ghost Chairs.  A modern take on a popular period piece, this chair blends well with any and all decor and, most importantly, it lends the illusion of roominess in small spaces!  A ghost chair doesn't shrink or crowd a room and that is the brilliance behind it.  What a perfect concept for the shoebox sized homes of the Northeast.  And my latest obsession.  Anyway, I've ordered a pair and can't wait to place them.

Um, I love everything about this picture!

Louis ghost chair NOT crowding a small corner

Photos: Pinterest


  1. You lucky lady. I am also obsessed with Louis ghost chairs. Last year I worked on an office space and in each office we used a tulip table with orange ghost chairs for the meeting area. It was stunning. Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours.

  2. Louis ghost chairs are so gorgeous,

    a statement of fabulousness in any home.