Friday, August 5, 2011

{Good Grapes Destination} Walking the Jetway

With our friends and family scattered across the country we often find ourselves boarding a plane after work on a Friday.  I rarely check a bag and I think I have my essentials figured out: I can do without my iPod for the weekends but I need a good book; I take only the amount of jewelry I can fit into my travel jewelry roll; I plan my outfits ahead and around the two pairs of shoes I've packed; I always pack yoga pants and a tank top, sometimes even my resistance bands (you can exercise barefoot, so there is no need to waste packing space with sneakers!); I wear minimal jewelry at the airport- makes security much easier; and I always pack a scarf and an eye mask for my naps.  Oh and a water bottle and snacks.  Weekends are so rushed once we step off the plane, so my number one rule is to travel in something that can be worn anywhere. What are your tips for stylish but comfortable travel?


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