Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Moroccan Getaway--sort of.

When Nick was in town a couple of weeks ago we wanted to go out for dinner and I couldn’t think of anything that I as craving—so the options I offered were limited. Nick got on his phone and just browsed the closest restaurants to my apartment. He came across one called Medina Oven & Bar in Victory Plaza. Oh my gosh, what a gem! They serve Moroccan and Mediterranean foods and the atmosphere is wonderful too. It is decorated with a seductive Modern Moroccan style interior design that makes the ambiance feel quaint and romantic. It was the perfect spot!

While there, we also ordered a bottle of a delicious red Moroccan wine, Amazir Beni M’Tir. I’ve never had Moroccan wine but I am definitely a fan. The Morocco soil is known for producing soft, full-bodied fruity red wines. This particular wine had flavors of ripe black fruit with other complex and elegant flavors. I loved it! If you need a romantic date spot—tucked away in a quiet corner of Victory Plaza is this jewel that I highly recommend. 

Medina Interior Photo:

Shrimp Salad CousCous Photo:

Lamb Tagine Photo:

Medina Patio Photo:


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