Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wine Wednesday!

Cristi had a hilarious status on her G-chat today, which she posted around noon, 11am her time.  It said, "NEED.WINE.NOW."

That is pretty much how I felt all day today!  What's worse is that even though I had a busy day, it draaaagggged (notice the emphasis).  So tonight as I prepare tomorrow's post, I am enjoying an EXCELLENT bottle we opened for an Italian dinner I made Sunday.  It is a 2006 William Knuttel Maritage.  This has a full flavor and a silky finish for a blend.  I've really enjoyed it.  It combines many of my favorite red varietals, making it a great pick for a summer dinner.  My father sent us this wine for our first anniversary in 2008, and I believe it is no longer available since I can't find it anywhere!  Oh well, it was truly enjoyed. 


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