Thursday, August 4, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Getting Organized

I recently discovered Ikea's Kassett storage series and I bought the store out.  Not really, but I've completed organization of our DVDs and CDs in the media room and now I'm on to a more challenging task of organizing my home office.  Remember I decided to open up that closet in the home office?  Well, now that the closet's contents are there for all to see, I've got to get it perfectly presentable!  First, I purchased a set of the large box with lid to serve as a file cabinet.  $10 for a 2 pack and I've already got ample space to store some of that mess you'll see in the pictures.  I also purchased the box with lid for paper to store my jewelry supplies, and a few tiny boxes - one that holds my business receipts and tax records and the other to hold special letters and cards from Z.  

Soon, all of this clutter will be sorted and stored.

Ikea Kassett storage on my shelves

Not only do I win by saving money, but I'll have one very neat home office when I'm done putting my belongings away! 


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