Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Turkey Sausage Kabobs

Below I'm posting another amazing recipe shared with us by Jackie.  It's fabulous and perfect for this pre-fall grilling season.  Enjoy!

4 of your favorite veggies: I use 1 PURPLE Onion/2-3 GREEN Zucchini, .5-1 pkgg. BROWN Mushrooms and 1-2 RED bell pepper (LOVE the color!).
“Good Seasons” Italian Dressing Packet
Italian Sausage Links (Note: I use Jennie O Turkey to watch the cals!)
Kabob Sticks (soak before cooking if using wooden sticks)

Quarter/Slice your favorite veggies and put in shallow baking dish.
Sprinkle with ½ packet “Good Seasons” Italian Dressing mix. (the kind you use to make Italian salad dressing).
Toss the mix with EVOO (~3 TBSP) and Balsamic Vinegar (~1.5 TBSP).  (Note: I don’t measure….)
**Secret: I cook my killer asparagus recipe this way..No need to marinate asparagus.., just put on indoor grill, sprinkle seasoning, EVOO and balsamic—delish!).**
Let above marinate for ~30 minutes (Squeeze in a good workout/run here! You can do it!).
Cut sausage links very lightly with very sharp knife (Note: Don’t squeeze or it will come out of casings…That’s right! Casings on!!). 
Arrange your kabob with sausage first, an array of your veggies, sausage, veggies, sausage. 
Heat Indoor Grill (Note: I’m OBSESSED with my All-Clad Double Burner Indoor Grill!  Christmas presents for everyone!!!), spray with EVOO cooking spray and place kabobs directly on grill. 
Cook/turn about 4.5 min/side.  Let cool.
Makes about 8-12 kabobs. (Serving Size: Jackie 2; Joey 4).

Jackie's kabobs cooking on the All Clad griddle she loves (purchase here)

Deliciousness.  The end!


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