Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home Essentials: The Bud Vase

At a wedding shower four years ago I received a few bud vases matching the crystal pattern I had registered for.  I hadn't registered for the vases but I am so happy that someone had the foresight to think that I'd one day come to adore them.  Perfect for the small night stand or the powder room, or to just sprinkle around the house, the bud vases have become my most utilized 'formal' crystal pieces.  The vases also come in handy when keeping a garden, especially when our small plants don't produce enough blooms to fill a full sized vase. 

Asiatic Lilly buds from our garden decorate our kitchen window.

I spy a collection of bud vases on the painted dresser

Lovely idea of gathering a collection on a silver tray (bottom two images, Pinterest)

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