Monday, November 14, 2011

We're Flattered!

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends.  Ours struck the perfect balance of productivity with elements of fun, travel, rest and socializing.  I love those kinds of weekends.  Anyway, as I mentioned last week, we received a major compliment in the form of a Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you for the love, Carol, The Design Pages is one of our faves!

In following with the requirements, we are here to share 7 things about ourselves. Here we go!

1.   I really cannot drink soft drinks.  I'll think I crave a diet coke or something bubbly and I will take two sips and once again determine they are not for me.  - Ana

2.  I love getting dressed up.  Whatever the occasion, if there is an excuse to wear a dress, get my nails, hair and makeup done, I look to forward it.  I wear minimal makeup and boring clothes to work and otherwise live in leggings and tees, so I love any excuse for an all-out 'transformation.'  -Ana

Getting hair and later makeup done at Safar, Miami Beach
3.  My all-time favorite food is a mouth-watering burger.  I've searched my city high and low for the perfect burger.  The two best burgers I've ever had are at Good Stuff Eatery in Washington, D.C. and at Love Shack, in Ft. Worth, TX. -Ana

Perfection.  Love Shack's 'love burger' with fried onions and jalapeno slices.
4. I love travel and have a special place in my heart for Italy.  I cook Italian better than I cook my own Mexican food (we are half Cuban and half Mexican), I pick up the language easily and, and I can even toss a pizza dough.  My mom swears I was Italian in another life.  -Ana

Wine tasting in the Chianti Region, Tuscany, Italy, January 20
5. I also have a deep love of traveling. Maybe it runs in our blood? I've always been an adventure seeker and make sure to turn every trip into an adventure. I've been (almost) everywhere on my bucket list and I'm only 25. The coolest thing I've ever done while on a trip was when I went skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland with one of my best friends. It was absolutely amazing! - Cristi 

Photo: Skydiving in Switzerland

6. I am obsessed with journaling and photography. I have been through dozens and dozens of journals throughout my life and I constantly have a camera on hand—whether it be my iPhone, my Canon Powershot SD, my Nikon D3100 or (my favorite) Canon FTh that I inherited from my father. I truly believe a picture speaks 1000 words and love capturing special moments and manipulating images to create a truly artistic piece. And when a picture won’t do (although that is rare…) I journal. -Cristi

Photo: My Canon FTh (and my favorite Hemingway novel) on my desk

7.  I make a killer guacamole. I don’t know when it started but I guess I did it for family dinner one time. Our dad is always doing big carne asadas or “cookouts” and fajitas are a staple in every one of them. So naturally, you need guacamole to go on your fajita tacos. Ever since my first batch I’ve been designated the guacamole maker in the family and everyone always comments on how good it is. The trick? Keep it simple. I only add fresh lime juice, salt, pepper, garlic powder and sometimes paprika to the avocados. -Cristi

Photo: Kalyn's Kitchen c/o Google
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Ana and Cristi


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