Thursday, November 17, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Cheapest Candelabra Ever

I wasn't looking for this one, but when I saw it for $3 at my favorite thrift store, I figured it was worth taking home and I could worry later about where to place it.  I couldn't distinguish the metal.  Whatever it was, it was old and rusty.  Nothing a fresh coat of spray paint couldn't fix.  Next, I added crystal accents that I had on my chandelier two homes ago.  I finished the look with a tassle (also left over from my old home's decor) and taper candles from a box that I already had.  $3.00 ended up doing a lot for our newest piece of furniture!

Before: a rusty base and cheap metal

After a glossy coat of spray paint and accessories

The candelabra adds height and elegance to this vignette

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