Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From Blue to New

Remember I told you how blue was one of my favorite colors? Well, I did something unexpected this past week. Yes it’s true, I love the color blue but surprisingly, my new bedroom doesn’t have any blue. I think I can justify this because my living room is all white, black and blue. Anyway, I had this awkward little nook in my new bedroom space that I had NO IDEA how to fill. It wasn’t big enough for a large working space and when I tried to place my chair in the nook it looked like a time out corner in a kindergarten classroom. What would fill this awkward tiny space? The answer came to me in a visit to my parents’ house. When I was younger I had the most beautiful blue desk (really, it’s more of a vanity) and wing chair in my room. It was the perfect periwinkle blue and perfect size for the mini me. Once my parents redid my bedroom they wanted to toss my blue desk but I begged them to keep it—for simple sentimental reasons. So there it sat, misplaced in my “grown up” room look. Well, my blue desk is back in action with a new [usable] home! Only this time…it’s not so blue.

I figured my blue desk would be perfect for the awkward nook space in my new bedroom, but like I mentioned---I didn’t have any other blue décor. So of course, mom and I made a trip to Sherman-Williams with my bed skirt in hand and found a color to match perfectly. I carried my blue desk out to the backyard, said one last goodbye and converted my blue desk to this lovely dusty rose vanity for my new room. It was bittersweet, but I LOVE my new vanity. My next purchase is going to be a Louis ghost chair for the desk. Who knows…maybe if I ever get a niece she can inherit this perfect little vanity for her pink room. :) 

Photo: My beloved blue desk before its makeover
Photo: New dusty rose shade of my vanity
Photo: "New" desk takes its place in the new room
Photo: Replaced wooden knob with this lovely crystal knob with gold undertones ($3.99 from Home Depot).
Photo: Decorating the new space with art from Leigh Viner.
Photo: Decorating with my vintage Canon FTb, favorite Hemingway novel and eyeglasses.


  1. Cristi I love it! Can't wait to see your new place! Love, Lizzie

  2. love! pics dont do it justice!