Monday, September 12, 2011

{We're Obsessed!} Miami Loves

We leave Miami today to return to our two cities, and to work, but wanted to write a note about the fun things we've noticed here and have come to love:

1) The Miami Vice cocktail.  Half Pina Colada, half strawberry dauquiri, 100 percent awesome.

2) Cat eye sunglasses.  All the glamouri walking around have these sunglasses and they look so cool.  We decided we love them.

Ray Ban Sunglasses,

3) Ida and Harry Boutique:  Located in the Fontainebleau hotel, this boutique is a one stop destination for the newest and most unique in fashion.  Example: I have this pinboard of my latest lusts from the runways and this store carried all of them.  Including sold-out Valentino shoes that I couldn't find anywhere else.  Holla!

photo: shopping page

4) Beach weather:  We so lucked out.  The forecast was spotty, promosing isolated storms every single day.  Fortunately, we were only given gorgeous sun and spent our days on the beautiful beach of the hotel. 

5) Girl time!!!  It was fun!


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