Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Were Having a {Baby Shower!}

One of my besties in the whole world, Lilly, is having a baby girl in November.  Lilly and I are practically neighbors so we brunch on Sundays, go on long walks after we each have our dinners, go to mass when Z is unable to go with me, go to networking events together and even volunteer together at the soup kitchen. She's also a fabulous hostess- remember?  Lilly was the one who had a full English tea buffet ready at 5 a.m. on the day of the Royal nuptials. I, along with two of our dearest friends, have been planning the baby shower our wonderful friend deserves.  We are hosting a brunch at my home, since brunch is her favorite meal.
Lilly gave me one hint for what she wanted as a theme: "Subtle, and if you could use this, that would be great."  At that moment she handed me a plastic giraffe.  The shower is in a week, but here is where I am going so far.  I cannot wait to celebrate Baby 'H.'

From right: the onsie banner (top), menu cards (bottom),  a welcome wreath for the front door, table of decorations
I'm excited to join my fellow hostesses and honor a good friend and welcome a beautiful new baby girl into the world!


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  1. That is one lucky friend. I adore what you've done and can't wait to see photos from the shower.