Thursday, September 1, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Party Stemware

I laughed out loud reading yesterday's Michaela Noelle Designs' Loves me, Loves Me Not series postCourtney had me cracking up, and coincidentally, we both share a similar loathing of sipping bubbles (and vino too) from plastic, assembly-required stemware.  I know this is often a go-to for party hosts and hostesses, but they aren't necessarily a money saver and for me, they take so much away from the taste of wine.  Don't know about you, but I always prefer to drink out of shiny, breakable glass. 

If I set this standard for myself, I must for my guests as well and that's why I keep 'party' cases of glasses in my storage closet.  For $8 ($9.99 plus a 20% off BBB discount coupon), you can serve a dozen of your friends in actual glass stemware.  They also sell a set of a dozen beautiful 18.5 oz. red wine glasses ($16 after the coupon is applied) that are identical to my Crate and Barrel Viv red wine glasses.  The cheaper stemware mixes with my registry set so nicely at parties, I can't even tell the difference in my 'everyday casual' vs 'party cheap' until I am washing them by hand and can notice teeny discrepancies.  Next time you have a large party to host, stop by your local Bed Bath and Beyond, take your coupons (and they even honor expired ones), do your friends a favor, and serve them in glass stemware.  They will appreciate you!

Bday party and glasses everywhere!

Entertain Stemware, $9.99/12 and Red Wine Glasses, $19.99/12


  1. Thanks for the shout out!I agree 100% that wine always tastes better when it is in a glass!!!!!

  2. Great photos and post. ;)